Donald Crockett, head shot
Aspen Music Festival School, Summer 2018
Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, dress rehearsal, July 2018
"And the River" dress rehearsal, May 2018
"And the River" dress rehearsal, May 2018
"And the River" workshop with HOCKET, February 2018
Inside the "And the River" Steinway
Workshop with SAKURA, May 2018
With SAKURA, Doheny Mansion concert, April 2018
with Steven Stucky at Boston Modern Orchestra Project premiere of Blue Earth (rev. 2013) and performance of Steve's Concerto for Orchestra, Jordan Hall March 2014
with conductor Gil Rose, Blue Earth rehearsal, Boston
Blue Earth rehearsal, March 2014
Viola Concerto rehearsal with soloist Kate Vincent, BMOP and Gil Rose, Jordan Hall February 2013
Viola Concerto rehearsal
Donald Crockett in performance with Thornton Edge and WildUp, March 2016
Donald Crockett and Stephen Hartke at the Aspen Music Festival, Summer 2016
In rehearsal with the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Summer 2016
Dress rehearsal of "to airy thinness beat" with ACE and soloist Andrew Stock, Summer 2016